User experience studies: Putting Drupal to the test


Have you ever watched a new user interact with a Drupal website? It's a simple act, but for anyone who has done it, it can be a powerful and humbling experience. It's also an incredibly useful way to gather concrete data that can make Drupal's user experience better. In this talk, we'll learn about how the Drupal community has begun to embrace user experience testing over the past few years, the results we can see from these efforts in Drupal 7, and where it's going in the future. We'll talk about both formal testing (such as the Drupal study performed at the University of Minnesota Usability Lab last May) and informal testing (which anyone with a computer and a friend can do on their own). Finally, we'll discuss specific priorities for the future (Drupal 8 and beyond), the status of those efforts, and how you can get involved in the process of making Drupal a delightful, easy experience for everyone who interacts with it.


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