Additional Regular-admission Tickets Released

The past week has brought and exciting uptick in registrations, you can see the current total on the Who's Coming page, but as of January 12, it's at 109!

In response to this surge of popularity, we have made available 25 additional regular admission tickets. If you want to be part of this camp, please register soon. We have many excellent proposed sessions from absolute beginner to advanced. Check back for an announcement tomorrow of the cutoff date for session submission and the expected date for the final program announcement.

Suggested Topics for Beginner Track

If you are thinking about submitting a session for the "Welcome to the Drupalverse" track for beginners, here are some ideas for session topics that would be of particular interest to the program committee with examples of the questions that might be answered by such a session:

  • I think I found a bug - now what?
    • Is it really a bug?
    • How do I search to see if other people have found the same thing?
    • How do I make a bug report that will get the maintainer's attention?
  • Local Drupal install - a guided tour

Attendee List Available

This list of registered attendees can now be viewed on the event attendees page.

If you do not wish to be listed on that page, you can check the "Opt out" checkbox by going to finding the ticket and clikcing the "Manage order" button to change your information.

Note that you do not have to register in order to submit a session proposal, but everyone attending (including speakers) will need to register prior to the camp.

Outline for DrupalCamp Schedule

Based on planning meetings to date, we are planning 3 parallel tracks with an overall schedule something like this:

Wow. Nice theme.

Our thanks goes out to members of the New Jersey community for inspiration and hands-on help in developing this great theme for our first ever DrupalCamp. Special thanks to notmike and the team at Blink Reaction.

This site is built on COD, the open source conference and event management solution and hosted on the Acquia DevCloud platform.

Powered by a Drupal Association Community Grant

Members of the New Jersey Drupal Group were very excited to receive a $500 grant from the Drupal Association in support of their efforts to launch the first DrupalCamp NJ on February 4th 2012.

Our thanks to Jacob Redding, Megan Sanicki and Annie Stone. Kudos to Peter Wolanin for catching the deadline and making our case.