Project Whispering: Running Multiple Concurrent Projects


Drupal projects within an organization are rarely alone. It can seem overwhelming with multiple projects, limited resources and competition between projects for the same resources. With the rapid growth of Drupal in the last several years, organizations and agencies are often found struggling on how to best manage multiple Drupal projects instead of just one. To go beyond surviving and begin to thrive, something more is needed. That's where Project Portfolio Management (PPM) comes in. PPM provides a panoramic view of all projects being worked on. It allows project managers working at the executive level to compare, prioritize and group information on projects, budgets and resources. It allows project managers to make informed decisions and make changes as needed. Rather than suffering a project stall, a project manager can shift on the fly - perhaps even being able to take advantage of what appear to be setbacks to push projects forward. PPM helps spread resources appropriately across the portfolio projects, keeping a close tab on progress across the organization. The goal of this workshop is to explore issues and techniques involved in successfully managing multiple projects by someone who has.

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