Omega+Delta+Context =Theming For The Rest Of Us


This session will introduce novice to intermediate site builders with little or no php "fu" to the responsive, mobile-first, HTML5 Omega base theme. If you are new to Drupal or are a Drupal site builder who is less than comfortable working with code using .tpl files then do not miss this session. Attendees will walk away with a serious and immediate upgrade to their theming capacity.

You will be introduced to concepts such as mobile-first, responsive & grid based design. You will see a live demonstration of Omega & Omega Tools. You will learn how to build custom page layouts that display based on conditions you define. You will learn to control block placement dynamically. And thanks to Omega, you will see how all of this can be done without touching a single line of code.


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Friend 006
Mobile, Responsive design, and UX
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