Integrating InDesign and InDesign Server with Drupal


In this session, we will present how organizations can instance content within Drupal to an InDesign template using InDesign server. We will also demonstrate how to interact with Drupal through an InDesign palette (placing content within frames in an InDesign document).

The presentation will also go over the emBridge module integration with Entermedia digital asset management system. In essence, this will be a window into the world of multi-channel publishing as we see it at DPCI.

The session will cover:

  • The current options in the market for multichannel editorial workflow management
  • How Drupal can be leveraged to serve as a multichannel editorial workflow management system
  • Demonstration of how Drupal 7 can be integrated with InDesign Server
  • Demonstration of how Drupal can be integrated with InDesign (desktop version)
  • Extending Drupal through integration with Entermedia open source digital asset management
  • Next steps in our R&D efforts at DPCI around extending Drupal into multi-channel editorial workflow management realm


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Unleashing Drupal
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