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"Hello Drupal" is a short, hands-on course that introduces you to Drupal and its key concepts. Bring your laptop! This will be a double session (two hours). This is suitable for anyone with an interest in Drupal. No prior experience is required and all the work will be done using a web browser and a hosted site. More information and material can be found at: http://training.acquia.com/hellodrupal You can download material to review before or after and to extend what you learn.

This session is cross-listed at: http://training.acquia.com/princeton/2012-02-04/hello-drupal-princeton-nj

Download the slides and other materials at: http://training.acquia.com/hellodrupal

Video at: http://www.archive.org/details/HelloDrupal2012-02-04DrupalcampNj

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Welcome to the Drupalverse
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