Dreaming in Drupal: How to think like a developer to build without code.


Drupal has been around for over ten years and there are over 9,000 modules. As overwhelming as this list is, it gives you the chance to create websites without writing your own custom modules.

This session will give you strategies for site building without coding, including:

  • Being aware of your skills, time, budget, and project requirements
  • Finding a module in the list of 9,000
  • Deciding which module to use when faced with similar options, such as WYSIWYG or adding maps
  • Working out whether an installation profile such as Managing News or Open Atrium is the right approach to use for your site
  • Using the issue queue, IRC and at meetups

Video: http://archive.org/details/DreamingInDrupalHowToThinkLikeADeveloperToBui...

Thomas Turnbull (tom_o_t) has been a Drupal developer for five years: first spending two years creating an open source mapping platform for a non-profit; then building a new band website every few weeks for Sony Music; then 18 months as part of the team that migrated Zagat.com from .NET to Drupal. He is now a web developer at Google. He is co-author of the book, "Mapping with Drupal".

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