Conducting usability studies on your own


Add usability testing to your skill set!

Usability is important if you want

  • People to enjoy using your site/web application
  • Customers to recommend it to their friends
  • Your site/app to enjoy long term success

Some companies decide to hire consultants to conduct usability studies, but more often than not, they’ve left it too late or discover they don’t have the budget available.

But, there’s another way! If you are a web designer, developer, product manager or project manager, you can conduct your own quick and inexpensive usability studies. Besides the obvious advantage of covering the critical usability issues of your product, it also helps build credibility with your stakeholders and is another great asset to bag more projects (internally or externally).

The session is aimed at individuals who would like to learn how to conduct usability studies. The session will cover what to test, whom to test, how many participants to be tested, how to find those participants, how to frame the tasks, how to conduct the study, how to analyze the data and how to present the findings.



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