Calendaring with Drupal


Most people visualize events in a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar format, so using Drupal to create and manage calendars is a desirable feature for many sites. Since Drupal 4.7, the Calendar module has handled this need, but for Drupal 6 and 7, there is an alternative, the FullCalendar module. Calendar and FullCalendar are both built around the Views module, but their different use cases makes picking the right one for your project an important decision.
In addition to the features offered by Calendar, FullCalendar provides:

  • Drag-and-drop editing of events
  • Displaying Google Calendar feeds
  • Ability to display nodes, users, terms (any fieldable entity)
  • Visual representation of duration
  • Learn more about the options and features of both modules, and discuss their flexibility, performance, and stability.

Intended audience: Site builders, content creators, lovers of Drupal
Questions answered by this session

  • What are my options for calendars in Drupal?
  • How can I get my calendar to look like Google Calendar?
  • Can I use drag-and-drop to edit my events?
  • Which should I use, Calendar or FullCalendar?

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